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Welcome to Theotrope Publishing. Books FOr life!

About Us


Theotrope Publishing was created in 2014. To date we have released four titles. Jubilee, The Love Story, Flying High, The Adventure Guide, and Maggie and The King. 


Theotrope Publishing is a member of the Christian Indie Publishing Association. 


We are excited to have our newest book entered in several contests, including the Author Academy Awards!

About Us


Theotrope Publishing is:

A member of the Christian Indie Publishing Association


  1. A Jesus-centered, small, independent publisher 

Not accepting unsolicited manuscripts

Dedicated to sharing the message of Christ as Life

What does Theotrope mean?

The name Theotrope came from a conversation with several ladies at a women's retreat. The speaker shared about heliotrope flowers, and the miraculous way they follow the sun through the sky, from east to west, through the day. 

My friend Margo quipped, "we are theotropes. We follow the Son through the day."

I LOVED that and asked if I could swipe it for Theotrope Publishing. She agreed. And voila!

I hope that you enjoy the video below that shows God's handiwork.



Heliotrophism in young sunflowers